Security? The best investor protection available.
Regulated? Fully authorised and regulated advice.
Simplicity? Straightforward and easy to understand.
Low Charges? Low and transparent charges.
Flexibility? No early encashment charges or exit penalties.
Tax Efficiency? Tax on gains deferred until money withdrawn.
Compliant Investments? Individual risk assessed investment portfolios.

Becoming tax resident in another country will create some new investment opportunities but some others which were advantageous in the UK will be lost.

If possible, the financial planning process should ideally start before leaving the UK as then you can be sure of maximising any options available.

In the longer term, as an expat, it is important to know that your investments are compatible with your new country, that they are tax efficient and that they will provide the returns you need from them.

The combination of our own experience at RAFP and the network of Legal and Tax advisers that we work with, ensures that our clients receive the best possible advice at outset and as a continuing relationship.

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